meet my wife.

hello brides,

i am mister small and i am not a wedding coordinator. but my wife is. and quite a very detailed one at that. now of course, this may seem biased knowing full well that the outcome of what i write here determines whether i'll be sleeping on the bed or on the floor.

regardless of that, the task of writing this introduction falls upon me because my wife could not find the words to properly describe herself. so i am doing it for her.

she is missus biG, but i call her polly. if you already know her, you’ll immediately agree that she is one of the most obsessive compulsive people you’ll ever come across. when she planned every minute detail of our own wedding, i was given a gazillion options for the tiniest of things, including the way the table napkins were to be folded and what the waiters would be wearing.

but despite being a stickler for order and procedure, our wedding was anything but calculated. it was personal. we did everything differently, from our choice of wedding readings to an unconventional first dance. as she has told me many times in the past, our wedding was an incredibly personal journey. it should be one for you too.

if you do decide to get her as your wedding coordinator, know that she is more than just someone who will make you choose color schemes or choir music. she is more than someone who will email you all sorts of unusual wedding readings. she is more than just someone who will fix your wedding dress right before they open the church doors and your groom sees you for the first time.

she is missus biG, the person who will stand by you in your last few moments as a single girl. i married her because i knew, i wouldn’t want anyone else there for me in the end.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

so say we all! (01.10.10)

what makes this wedding special:

1. anton and pat - i love them, and i miss them.

2. movie lines put to good use! in the ceremony, we had the officiant say the ff in certain parts:

a. Pastor: Please rise. (pause) May the force be with you.
Pastor: And your response?
All: And also with you!

b. Pastor: Let our response be, "So say we all!"

(Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica references for you non-geeks out there.)

a shout out to Pastor Richie Alviola (only the most AWESOME pastor of all time) -- you and your very believable british accent rock!

3a. the ceremony set-up: it was at sunset on the ayala alabang country club green so we had to "create" it from scratch. thanks heaps to the wonderful event stylings of myke oropesa mayores, ms. virginia chan (fabulous capiz lanterns and everything capiz you can think of!), and centrex (carpet, stages). it was truly a magical ceremony.

3b. the reception set-up!

4. we had a Calling of the Elements - basically a ritual where you give thanks to the 4 Elements (Earth, Fire, Air and Water). I thank Feliz ("air" bridesmaid) for making the most fun out of the feathers that wouldn't fly!

5. this is the only wedding i've had so far where both sets of parents were so involved in the planning. i seriously love them all! (i wish i had a photo of the father of the groom, he is just a sweetheart!)

6. pat and her female entourage wore DIY wings and boy did they rock 'em!

7. pat publicly thanked me during her welcome speech. i was embarrassed beyond belief and wanted to crawl under a table, but i was truly truly touched.

8. quark henares and therese endriga. - the world's best hosting tandem

9. pat and anton's first dance. i don't normally cry at first dances but this one, for some reason, just killed me. we designed the program such that as pat was dancing with her dad to "That's Amore", midway through the song, anton cut in and the song changed to an OC Times' version of adam sandler's "Grow Old With You" . it was just one of the most touching and heartfelt things i've ever witnessed in my life. it wasn't cheesy at all, but I kept crying anyway. my eyes are actually welling up now just remembering it!

10. the owl and the pussycat on their cake!

11a. anton's surprise for pat: her song for walking down the aisle, Trip to Green Gables, was just beautiful and meant so much to me because i grew up watching Anne of Green Gables. it made pat cry!

11b. pat's surprise for anton: a song he wrote for her years ago arranged and performed by Blast Ople during the reception, just before rockeoke mayhem!

12. last but definitely not least, my coordinating team (i'd die without them) AND the most awesome wedding suppliers in the world:

Myke Oropesa Mayores - event styling
Ian Santillan - photos
Phoeben Teocson - video
Peachy Juban of Shortcrust - cake
Mica Tuano - make-up
Strings - Impressions Music Ensemble
Lights & Sounds - Jammsy
Entertainment - The Johnnys (Rockeoke)

cheers to the rockin' Mr. & Mrs. Anton and Pat Yulo. may you live a life of fun, all the way 'til you're a hundred and one!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

kinda' gross?

if there's anything i can't stand, it's barbie doll type-cakes -- meaning barbie torsos with cake bottoms. i have NO IDEA why i'm so disgusted by it, but it's like eating a cake with a mannequin top...and i just HATE mannequins, especially ones with wig hair. i'm so worried the hair will fall on the cake and i'll get a slice of cake with hair in it. phft, pfht, pfht, spit, spit, spit...

i will say though, that although i find this utterly UNappetizing, this was quite impressive. cake designer Lukka Sigurdardottir made a cake that a bride could wear. aside from this having never been done before, the new york daily news says that the ENTIRE thing is made of cake! no mention of styro or any other filler whatsoever. and check out that unique checkered design!

still not my cup o' tea, but i must say, quite an achievement for the cake maker. a new challenge for red ribbon and rajo laurel?

hang 'em up!

check out these really adorable wedding hangers from lila frances!

the human story

i was MAJORLY surfing weddings on the net today, like you wouldn't believe! and i really should be doing something else because i have a pitch for work on wednesday hahaha! but i can't help myself, i love looking at weddings, i ain't gonna' deny myself.

so i discovered humanstory, which is basically wedding videography. quite interesting because it's not like the usual MTV-type wedding videos we have here. don't get me wrong, i've seen some pretty astounding wedding MTVs by some really talented guys here. i just found this interesting because they do it like a documentary. could work too! here's a sample:

stephanie and chris preview from William Gaff on Vimeo.

Friday, January 29, 2010


marc and polly sitting on a tree...

i stumbled upon this website and thought it was just adorable. it's actually a photographer's site, but it has as one of its gimmicks a feature where you can "carve" yours names on to a tree, a kissing tree! it's a cutie. :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

just awesome.

my wonderful friend posted this on facebook and i just had to share it here. it really made me cry (what's new). i always say, there are no real rules for a wedding. whatever fantasmagoric out-of-this-world idea you can pull off, by all means, deeeew it! one of my grooms jokingly said he would zipline into their ceremony. i seriously hope he does.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

lysol and coffee

what can i say, i love my bag organizer.

and i really wish i had this ironing board.