meet my wife.

hello brides,

i am mister small and i am not a wedding coordinator. but my wife is. and quite a very detailed one at that. now of course, this may seem biased knowing full well that the outcome of what i write here determines whether i'll be sleeping on the bed or on the floor.

regardless of that, the task of writing this introduction falls upon me because my wife could not find the words to properly describe herself. so i am doing it for her.

she is missus biG, but i call her polly. if you already know her, you’ll immediately agree that she is one of the most obsessive compulsive people you’ll ever come across. when she planned every minute detail of our own wedding, i was given a gazillion options for the tiniest of things, including the way the table napkins were to be folded and what the waiters would be wearing.

but despite being a stickler for order and procedure, our wedding was anything but calculated. it was personal. we did everything differently, from our choice of wedding readings to an unconventional first dance. as she has told me many times in the past, our wedding was an incredibly personal journey. it should be one for you too.

if you do decide to get her as your wedding coordinator, know that she is more than just someone who will make you choose color schemes or choir music. she is more than someone who will email you all sorts of unusual wedding readings. she is more than just someone who will fix your wedding dress right before they open the church doors and your groom sees you for the first time.

she is missus biG, the person who will stand by you in your last few moments as a single girl. i married her because i knew, i wouldn’t want anyone else there for me in the end.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

the modern age

my friends shiela and rico just got married a week ago. i wasn't able to attend the wedding but i absolutely LOVED the invitation. proof that you don't need a script typeface for a formal wedding. a clean and simple sans serif is perfectly capable of conveying elegance, AND ensuring readability mind you.

and who won't take note of the date? it's the only thing on the invite they embossed.

i also commend the choice of quote. it's not very easy to find a pull-out that isn't so cheesy. this one was just right and very tasteful.

i wish more weddings would take on this modern tone. there's so much to explore with the use of structure, clean lines, and yes, even less flowers. less is more after all.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

oiling my machine

i took on a part-time job recently as a freelance project manager for a boutique advertising agency. i did it to augment my income, and also because well, i kind of need to embrace the stress again. this is me oiling my machine. the good thing about it being part-time is that i still get to do my wedding work, which is still my priority at the moment. the BEST thing about it is, in the course of the last week or so, i realized JUST HOW MUCH i love doing weddings.

for instance, a friend of mind getting married a year and a half from now insisted that i plan her cebu destination wedding. i went to cebu recently to visit my grandma and conduct oculars as well. my husband accompanied me to about 7 different mactan venues. we took tons of hi-res pictures and videos. this bride is one of my closest friends in the world, so i told her, this would be my gift to her. considering i'm not earning a single thing from this, i spent all of today (sunday) making her a 34-slide keynote presentation (about 31MB) comprised of detailed accounts of each venue. i even began and ended the entire presentation in her wedding theme colors. considering all the other work i had to do today, talagang kinareer ko ito! not only because i love my friend, but also because i just loooove wedding-related work. i barely even noticed the time go by. i was just so immersed in it.

so i thank the stress of advertising. sometimes, you don't know how much you love something until you're faced with something else.